Over nearly 50 years, we have worked with many of the automotive industry’s brands, dealer networks and their Learning & Development (L&D) teams and we are applying all that past knowledge to create digital-first continuous learning experiences that help our clients run their businesses more profitably and deliver a measurable business impact.

The courses are suitable for all professionals in the retail automotive workforce. They offer a wide range of digestible, virtual learning opportunities that will significantly increase your professional skills and support your career development. We use the latest Learning Management System and innovative eLearning technologies so participants have a simple, intuitive user interface to make the learning experience more rewarding.

The ASE Automotive Academy delivers:

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Virtual-only courses for more effective, sustainable and scalable learning

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Self-directed, flexible and tailored learning programmes

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More intuitive learning navigation and user experience

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Immersive learning experiences

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Tailored, engaging content to inspire the excitement, creativity and desire to learn

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Real-world expertise of ASE subject matter experts providing coaching and hints and tips

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Transferal of learning into real-time business performance improvements

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User generated content to build a sense of community and collaboration

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Course workbook & toolkits to use in the dealership

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ASE subject-matter experts are constantly updating course materials to ensure they are current and relevant

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Effective performance management through Learning Management System (LMS) to track learning journey

For course participants, the ASE Automotive Academy is the leading online learning hub for the global automotive retail sector. We work closely with our clients on the design and delivery of our courses to ensure they offer improved business outcomes and produce highly qualified, engaged personnel ready to support your goals. Our courses will help you:


Energise your

Icons_Experience flexible, immersive

Experience flexible,
immersive and
personalised learning

Icons_Apply your -learning

Apply your
learning to your
work immediately

Icons_Benefit from collaborative

Benefit from
collaborative learning
with colleagues

For senior executives, the ASE Automotive Academy motivates teams and improves business performance:

Icons_With 45+ years

With nearly 50 years of
automotive industry
experience ASE can
tailor courses to your
business needs

Icons_The improved

The improved user
experiences will ensure
greater participation and
course completion

Icons_You can set measurable

You can set measurable
outcomes that will have a
real and beneficial impact on
your business